Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ballot Box Progress, Tues 8th November

Tuesday seems to have been a generally good night at the ballot box for LGBT Americans:

"Democrats have held a crucial senate seat in a special election in central Iowa Tuesday. Had the seat fallen to Republicans, it would have allowed the Iowa Senate to potentially proceed with revocation procedures of legal gay marriage in the state."


Voters in Traverse City, have overwhelmingly voted to keep a nondiscrimination ordinance that protects LGBT people from bias, after conservative voters attempting to derail the proposal forced a referendum.


Annise Parker has been re-elected as mayor  without a runoff election.

Mike Laster is now  the first openly gay man elected to the Houston City Council.


Out lesbian Caitlin Copple has been elected to the Missoula council, defeating a hostile, anti-gay incumbent.


Has its first openly LGBT city councillor, with the election of Chris Coolbach, who had earlier led a campaign to repeal an anti-gay city ordinance.

Charlotte, NC

Has its first openly LGBT city councillor. LaWana Mayfield won her runoff, after earlier defeating an incumbent in the Democratic primary.

New Jersey

Tim Eustace, already the mayor of Montgomery, has been elected to the state assembly - the first openly gay non-incumbent to do so.

Bruce Harris was elected mayor of Chattam Borough - the first African American, openly gay Republican mayor anywhere.


Pedro Segarra was easily re-elected as mayor of Hartford.


Zach Adamson, who becomes the first openly LGBT city councilmember


Adam Ebbin, a Virginia Delegate, who became the first openly gay State Senator


Alex Morse became the first openly gay mayor of Holyoke

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