Thursday, 8 December 2011

Elio Di Rupo, EU's first openly gay government leader

 Iceland has Europe's  (and the world's) first openly gay or lesbian head of government, and Germany had for a time an openly gay deputy Chancellor (who is still very senior in government, as Minister of Foreign Affairs). Belgium now has the first openly gay or lesbian prime minister in the EU, and the first gay male in that position anywhere. After months of wrangling, the country has finally confirmed what has been clear for a long time. Elio di Rupo is to be formally confirmed as Belgian Prime Minister.
"Elio Di Rupo has been named the new, openly gay, Prime Minister of Belgium, after the country went a year and a half without a government.
King Albert II named Di Rupo yesterday, and he will become the second openly gay head of government in Europe following Belgium’s 541-day period without a federal administration.
Di Rupo will lead a complicated coalition in Brussels which represents a population divided into the French-speaking south and Dutch-speaking north.
The 60-year-old has become the first French-speaking leader in four decades.
Leader of the country’s Socialist Party, he will work with Christian Democrats and Liberals and three other parties after forming a coalition at the weekend."
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