Monday, 5 March 2012

Matt Lucas, Comedian

b.  5 March 1974

An English comedian, screenwriter and actor best known for his acclaimed work with David Walliams in the television show Little Britain; as well as for his portrayals of the scorekeeping baby George Dawes in the comedy panel game Shooting Stars, Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton, and the thief Thénardier in the musical Les Misérables.

On Christmas day 2010 the BBC began showing Matt Lucas and David Walliams' new series, Come Fly with Me. The show followed the familiar style of Walliams and Lucas each playing multiple characters, but unlike Little Britain, it focussed entirely on the working environment of the airline industry.

In December 2006, Lucas entered into a civil partnership with Kevin McGee,[15] in a lavish ceremony in Central London. In attendance were various celebrities, including Barbara Windsor, Neil Tennant, Elton John and Courtney Love.[16] After six years together, the couple divorced through the High Court in 2008, becoming the first high-profile same-sex couple divorce in Britain. On 5 October 2009, Kevin McGee committed suicide, 10 months after the divorce

In May 2007, he was placed eighth in the list of the UK's 100 most influential gays and lesbians, in fields as diverse as entertainment, business, politics, and science, by British newspapers The Independent and The Daily Mail.

In 2011, he was placed at 29 on the DS list of the "50 Most Influential Gays":
For such a funny man, Matt’s life has been marred by sadness. He was completely bald by the age of six, his father died when he was a teenager and his ex-husband Kevin McGee committed suicide two years ago. Yet both Matt and his comedy creations have proved an inspiration for young gay outsiders worldwide. Shooting Stars, Little Britain, Alice in Wonderland and Come Fly With Me have all kept us laughing for more than a decade. He’s an equal opportunities comedian – he’s mocked gays, straights, transvestites and the disabled – and all without causing offence. Matt’s also a huge philanthropist, supporting charities including those involved with leukemia, cystic fibrosis, AIDS and the homelessness.

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