Sunday, 14 August 2011

Companies are changing to support transgender employees

When workers undergo a change in gender, their employers need to address new needs
"IT specialist Brad Sensabaugh can't help but wonder how some of his colleagues at the TD Bank Group in London, Ont., will react when the story of his private life hits the media spotlight.
That he is anything more than the bright, tech savvy 33-yearold man they've come to know and respect in the months since he joined the bank has likely never crossed their minds.Even among those who know his past - that he was once a 'she' - there can be confusion.
'I think I pass very well,' he said in a recent telephone interview about his gender transition.
So unless you get into the nuances of saying, 'I was born female', they don't necessarily know which direction you are going or where you've come from."

Companies in Canada have come a long way in recent years in welcoming diversity into the workplace.

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