Saturday, 10 September 2011

Adventurers: LGBT Soldiers, Police, and Explorers - from Matt & Andrej Biographies.

Queer men and women are found, and have always existed, in all walks of life - including those which appear superficially to stand in direct opposition to the standard stereotypes. The stereotypes in fact are culturally and historically specific, to distinct regions and eras. Until recently, USA publicly took the view that gay men and women were inherently unsuitable for military service - but some societies took the diametrically opposite view, that gay men were particularly good military material (in the Sacred Band of Thebes, for example, or among the Japanese Samurai).

Matt & Andrej Kowalsky "Biographies of Famous GLTB People (Or who tried it at least once...)" lists an extensive collection of short biographies, with an indication in the headline for each entry if the country of origin, dates and main occupation or claim to queer fame. The list below is a selection from the full listing of those who are described as soldiers, other armed forces, civilian navy or aviation, policemen, adventurers and explorers.

This page is limited to those who are no longer alive. For a companion listing of those who are listed as "living" (at least at the time of posting), see the entry at "Queers in History".

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