Monday, 12 September 2011

'Husbands': Gay Marriage Gets the 'Mad About You' Treatment - Alyssa Rosenberg - Entertainment - The Atlantic

Over the last decade, the conversation about equal marriage rights for gay couples has largely centered around responsibility. The push for marriage is about proving that gay people are as—or sometimes even more—capable of monogamy as their heterosexual countrparts. But though setting yourself up as a model minority may be an important way to argue for legal rights, real equality means the right to make mistakes and bad decisions—and to work your way out of them.

That assumption is the basis for Husbands, a new web television series that premieres tomorrow. The show follows the adventure of two out gay men—Cheeks, an actor, and Brady, a professional baseball player—who after dating for six weeks, get drunkenly hitched in Vegas. They decide to stay together, for the cause of marriage equality, and for each other."

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