Thursday, 8 September 2011

State fair polls: No to gay marriage ban!

The Minnesota State Fair is officially over and the results of the annual House and Senate polls are in.

Both chambers had record numbers of participants this year, with upwards of 12,500 fair-goers stopping in at the House booth to take the survey, and nearly 8,500 people participating in the Senate’s unscientific poll.

Some of the more notable results in the House: 66.5 percent said that the state should not amend the constitution to ban gay marriage, while 29.8 said it should be changed. A photo identification requirement at the polls won the favor of 50.8 percent of state fair participants, while 46.4 percent of people did not support the legislation. That’s a considerable drop from support in years past, when the bill approached 70 percent approval from poll participants."
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