Thursday, 8 September 2011

Online High School Planned for LGBT Students :: EDGE Providence

"Imagine a school where gay, lesbian and trans high school students are free to be open about who they are. Imagine a school where their friends share similar experiences and similar questions; one where you could get a high-quality secondary education while receiving support -- not scorn -- from adults and peers; one where all staff members genuinely want to work with gay kids or those who may be still "questioning."

Welcome to GLBTQ Online High School, the world’s first online high school specifically for LGBTQ youth.

Founder and Executive Director David Glick invented such a school as a safe and welcoming educational community that provides a high quality, comprehensive college-preparatory online high school experience for students who are GLBT youth, or those questioning their sexuality or gender, as well as any others -- no matter where they might live."

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